Koh Mak – The Hidden Gem Of East Thailand


Koh Mak, ThailandAn island that doesn’t feature too frequently on Thailand’s tourist trail but an island that most certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. Koh Lipe, once the hidden island of choice, has lost its charm due to new developments and investment but this beautiful gem tucked away on the border of Cambodia is quietly taking its place.

The island balances both backpacker and luxury traveller beautifully without compromising the natural beauty of the white sandy beaches and winding jungle roads. As with most islands, there is a small traveller area at which you’ll find a few of the more vibrant bars and Leo vest-wearing backpackers but they are generally confined to this small stretch of beach.

Our home for the week was called Little Moon Villa, Koh Mak, a new, designed-focused, boutique bungalow resort in a quiet corner of the island. The attention and commitment to design was so incredible that I felt the need to take photos of everything from the beautiful, private beach to the minimalistic kitchen area. Little Moon is also home to two extremely friendly, and food-obsessed, labradors, constantly craving both attention and snacks which can be very hard to refuse.

I find myself quickly getting bored of island life and usually book only for a few days, but I was genuinely sad to leave. I felt that I could have spend days watching the sea roll in whilst reading a book in a hammock. It felt like a very different Thai island and one that I can see myself returning to in the near future.

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