How to get unlimited mobile data on your phone in Thailand

Unlimited Mobile Data in Thailand for Travellers

Thailand is, fortunately, extremely well connected and offers super fast 3G and 4G internet all over the country. I’ve never had a problem with connectivity even in very remote places.

Here is a step by step guide to getting connected for your trip to Thailand.

Step 1 – Buying a SIM Card

Firstly, you’ll need to buy a SIM card. You can find one at any 7-eleven convenience store which you can find on, pretty much, every street in Thailand.
I recommend buying a standard DTAC SIM which will cost ~50B. If you have an iPhone 5/6 or newer Samsung model, make sure that you ask for a nano SIM. If in doubt, show them your SIM card and they will give you the correct size for your phone. Then insert the SIM card and wait for it to load.

Step 2 – Choose your package

Make sure that you have your new phone number ready, you can find this on the packaging of the SIM card. You will use this number every time you top up your phone.

1 Day
If you just want to use the internet on your phone day by day then you don’t need to add a package to your phone. You can top up with cash at the counter and use the data as you go. They maximum that you can be charged per day is 50b. After you’ve used 50b worth of data then you won’t be charged anymore but can still use the internet. This 50b is for a 24 hour period, always from midnight to midnight.

1 Week
This is much better value for your money and much, much faster.
1.2GB of high speed 4G/3G data. After you’ve used 1.2GB the speed will be reduced to 384kb which means you will never be cut off from using the internet for the whole week, even if you run out of data.
This package is 199B (+ 7% tax). Ask to top up 250Bonline”, they will ask you to type in your phone number into the machine, when you’ve paid you’ll get a couple of text messages saying that it has been successful.
You then need to apply the package. This is very easy. Just dial *104*28*9# and press call. The money will be taken off your phone and the new package will be activated instantly.

1 Month
This is the best value for money and it also gives you access to all the DTAC hotspots around the country.
There are three data packages for the month:

399b + tax – 4.5GB – Dial *104*21*9# + Call
699b + tax – 9GB – Dial *104*344*9# + Call
799b + tax – 12GB – Dial *104*343*9# + Call

Follow the same process as above but add the appropriate credit before dialling.

Both the 1 week and 1 month packages both give you unlimited data for the time period which is unlike phone companies in the west so you never have to worry about running out in a time of need.

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