The Best Craft Beer Bars In Belgrade

Craft Beer In Belgrade

Written by Kimmo Hakala, author for the blogs Cambodian Craft Beers and Thai Craft Beers, owner of Embargo Craft Beer Bar in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Pizza, sex, Mariah Carey, and Skittles in all their glory, but few things are better than a cold beer in the summer heat. I went out on an adventure to find the best places in Belgrade to have a refreshing craft beer. Actually, it was just a perfect excuse to start drinking at noon. These 3 craft beer bars are not only the best craft beer bars in Belgrade, but also pretty much the only craft beer bars in this bustling city.

Although craft beer seems to be thriving in Serbia, for some reason the craft beer scene in Novi Sad seems to be a tad bit better than the one in Belgrade. Why this is, I have no idea, but here I’ve listed the best craft beer bars I could find in Belgrade.

Miners Pub

Miners Pub deserves the first spot on my list because it was also the only real place for proper beer geeks. It’s located in the basement of a typical Serbian building, a building just like the ones you can find in the old town. You’ll find the pub at one end of the Strahinjica Bana, close to the Kalamegdan Fortress.

Miners Pub was not only my favourite craft beer bar in Belgrade, but also the one I enjoyed the most during my trip to Serbia, I’d return any time. The owner was friendly and very knowledgeable regarding beer, and the bar offered about 10 Serbian beers on tap. Unfortunately, they have no place to sit outside and that’s why the place is more popular during the winter. For this reason, they also have a better beer selection during the cold months of the year, but it’s still definitely a place to go to for any beer lover in Belgrade.


Address: Rige od Fere 16, 11000 Belgrade

Samo Pivo

In 2016 I visited the Samo Pivo branch in Subotica and I really liked it. You can imagine I was pretty excited about visiting their location in Belgrade as well.

This place is huge and has a very rustic and industrial feel to it. I can imagine it gets pretty crowded in the evenings, but for obvious reasons, there were not that many beer drinkers at noon. They have a large selection of taps including beers from Serbian craft breweries Kabinet and Kors, but also from foreign breweries like Thornbridge Brewery. The place has seating both inside and outside.

The staff had plenty of knowledge about the beers and they were also very friendly. Samo Pivo is located on Balkanska but there’s no proper sign from outside so I found it a bit hard to find. Just ask people around the area and they’ll gladly point you in the right direction.


Address: Ulica Balkanska 13, 11000 Belgrade


Krafter was quite a disappointment for me. I had heard about Krafter before coming to Belgrade and I had high expectations. It was pretty much the most hipsterish craft beer bar I found in Belgrade, but it was also the one with the least appreciation for the beer. The place had a very Balkan vibe over it. Typical Serbian craft breweries like Sindikat, Kabinet, and Tron were available, but the place was all about love for money, not love for the beer.

Krafter was basically just another stylishly designed bar that sold craft beer, nothing more. If you want to try some of the local brews then Krafter might be for you, but if you enjoy craft beer places for a crowd that shares your passion for beer, I’d recommend you to go to either The Miners Pub or Samo Pivo.

There’s seating both outside and inside, and the beers are in the 200-300 dinar range.


Address: Strahinjica Bana 44, 11002 Belgrade

So what about other places for craft beer in Belgrade?

The Serbian craft beer scene definitely exists, but it’s still in the shadows of the fantastic local brandy that is Rakija. The brewers and the bars are however working very hard, and I hope the scene will soon be able to catch up to give the brewers the infrastructure they really deserve. The improvements since 2016 have been huge and I actually managed to find some really good brews from Serbian craft beer pioneers Sindikat, Kabinet, and Kors.

Also as Krafter was a bit of a disappointment I’ll give you another location that I, unfortunately, didn’t have the time to go to. Pivopija is supposedly really good, but it’s more of a bottle shop than a bar. Pivopija is located in Zemun and Zemun is actually a perfect place to go to on a day trip. You can find their Facebook page here. Živeli!


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