A weekend break in Marrakech, Morocco

Local Travel in Marrakech, Morocco

This was my second little break to Marrakech. It had been calling me back since the last time I went in 2007, after which I was upset with myself for planning such a short visit…a measly 3 days. This time, unfortunately, wasn’t too dissimilar due to time constraints.

When travelling alone I find it’s always better to stay in hostels to open up the possibilities of hopping on the back on other people’s adventures or even creating some of your own, and sure enough at the first hostel that I stay at I met a couple of great people from France (who were also Couchsurfers like me) that wanted to head out to explore the city.


Marrakech central is relatively expensive compared to the rest of Morocco which is I guess do to the footfall of the tourism trail but there are hidden (not so hidden) gems around the city.


The smaller food vendors serving serving up citrus chicken tagines.


Something old. The souk is full of beautiful little second-hand stalls, don’t expect an accurate date and haggle, haggle, haggle.


Take a walk to the Yves Saint Laurent Memorial instead of taking a tour, it’s a relatively easy stroll from the centre (on a cooler day) and you’ll see a different side to the city with come nice cafes and coffee shops on the way.

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