Sleeping in Treehouses In Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Treehouse In Erawan, Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Kanchanaburi State in Thailand is a relatively popular tourist destination. It’s home to The Bridge on the River Khwai, The Tiger Temple, Erawan Waterfall, The Three Pagoda Pass and more. But I want to tell you about a small hidden gem that I found while motorbiking to Myanmar one time.
It was about 3 years ago when some friends an I decided to set out from Kanchanaburi Town on scooters and head toward to Burmese border in the hope of crossing over somehow (this was not possible…legally…a story for another time). We’d naively chosen rainy season to embark on this cross-county adventure, which I wouldn’t recommend, but the journey itself was one of the most amazing that I’ve ever had. The scenery is just breathtaking throughout the whole of Kanchanaburi state all the way to Myanmar which you can view from many points along the way.

We were following a rough map and I decided upon a slightly unconventional route because it hugged the side of a lake, we were warned many times by locals not to take this route because it was really difficult and long but we went ahead anyway. Way before the road started to get difficult, we saw a sign that pointed to Phra That Cave. We decided to take a little detour down this tiny road just to take a look. Next to the entrance of the cave, in the middle of what felt like nowhere, we found a woman sitting in front of a little snack shop. Behind her were three treehouses that she said we could stay in. Unfortunately we were on a mission that day to get to the next town about 130km away so couldn’t stay that day. We took her card and said that we would return one day. That day came a few months later.
We pulled up unannounced one afternoon while she was out collecting her son from school. We waited around for a while until she came back. She welcomed us in and started making us some food, made up the beds and kept us drinking beer. As night crept in the stars came out with little to no light pollution.
The treehouse are very basic but exciting. At night time the forest comes alive with the sound of nature. It’s just an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone that really wants to get lost.

Treehouse – 500B per night
Food – 50B per dish
Beer – 50B per large bottle

Getting there

Located just 10km from Erawan Waterfall, come out of Erawan and take the left on the main road, not far up the road you’ll see a sign for Phra That Cave, keep following the signs until you reach the treehouses. Simple.
To leave the place you can either take the road back the way you came or you can be adventurous and carry on the road towards Thong Pha Phum through the National Park. It’s a tiring journey but it’s something that no one else will be doing during the time in Thailand.

I’ve been three times now and each time has been completely empty of other customers, in fact we didn’t spot another foreigner until we reached Sangkhlaburi on the Burmese border a couple of days later.

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  1. Fiquet Christophe says:

    Nice place
    Do you have a contact for book please ?

    • Joe Joe says:

      Hi, you can see her phone number in the gallery images. She can’t speak English so you will need to ask someone to help if you can’t speak Thai.
      I hope that you have an amazing time there! Feel free to show her this article as I won’t be back there for a few months.

    • Joe Joe says:

      Hey Fiquet,
      Did you make a trip there yet?

  2. Nameless says:

    Would love to visit some time.
    Btw to be correct, Kanchanaburi is a province. Thailand is not a federal country 🙂

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