The Islands outside of Bohol that you won’t find in Lonely Planet

In the Philippines it’s still possible to find unspoilt islands everywhere, the problem is just how to get there. I was lucky to go and visit the family of my old friend and bandmate Jerome in Tubigon, Bohol. Tubigon is only about an hour bus ride away from the main city on Bohol, Tagbilaran.

I had spent a night at Panglao Island and was more than happy to get away from there. It’s beautiful, but very crowded and not my deal at all. I had rented a motorbike at the pier in Tagbilaran which to my surprise was 500Php a day. Later in Siquijor I was able to get it for less than half that price, in Thailand it would have been about half as well, most of the Philippines is just a bit more expensive when it comes to renting motorbikes.

Arrived at Tubigon

The bus ride from Tagbilaran to Tubigon took a bit more than an hour and set me back 50-60 pesos. Worth mentioning is that if you are coming from Cebu, the ferry from Cebu to Tubigon is much cheaper (200php) than the ferry from Cebu to Tagbilaran(800php).

Met Jeromes cousin Zalde at the very Filipino McDonalds in central Tubigon. Some introduction and off we went to Zaldes and his familys house a bit outide the city.

The Islands outside of Tubigon, Bohol

When we arrived to Zaldes familys home his mother had already prepared us all the food. Zalde had gotten the alcohol and arranged a boat for us to go out to some quiet islands to eat and drink. We carried the stuff to the boat and off we went.

The first island we stopped at was actually a private island owned by some local politicians. It was a place where honoured guests came, and of course we had nothing to do at such a place. We drove up from behind and found a nice little mangrove on the back of the island where we chilled, ate lunch and played guitar.

The 2nd place was just outside that island where we just tied the boat to a tree and did some more exhausting chilling.

The 3rd and the last place was a sand island without trees. At high tide it was maybe 10 times 5 metres large but at low tide it was a sand stretch of almost 3 kilometres. And of course we did some more chilling, drinking and talking.

In the end we ran out of booze, and it was getting late so we went back to Zaldes house to sing some more karaoke and we drank until we dropped. Thanks a lot to Zalde and his family for a great experience!

P.S. The reason I’m not in any of the pictures is that I had forgotten my swimming shorts and was wearing these interesting looking pink boxers with teddybears on them.


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